Independent multi-media artists practicing a quarter century in creative partnership

Tamara and Kevin LeClair are a whole-package production team with many multi-platform creative executions to their credit.  In 2005 they pivoted their combined business administration and marketing experience and skills to pursue their dream career in entertainment with the creation of Be-Communications.

This creative collaboration resulted in the production of the first reality series on the web (Anterockstar 2006).  Since then, Tamara and Kevin have crafted a portfolio of innovative work that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and audience immersion from shorts to communication campaigns including: The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life, Taste for Life, The Children’s Wish Foundation, Science without Borders, Canadian Bureau for International Education, Feed the Need Durham and Belize Community Conservation.  

When creativity greets technology

meet partners in business and matrimony:

Tamara and Kevin are pioneers of the unscripted genre, having produced and distributed hundreds of hours of digital content that recreate “real life” experiences.  

Lifelong learners and passionate storytellers, Kevin and Tamara have invested over 17 years learning and practicing the craft of filmmaking.

Driven to share their knowledge and experience, Tamara & Kevin have mentored some of Canada’s emerging media minds.

Unscripted Productions

AnteRockstar -Webseries
a Docu-drama exploring the blood sweat and tears journey from insignificance to rockstar. Anterockstar chronicled the triumphs and tribulations of independent musicians in the Greater Toronto Area.
15 Minutes of Fame – TV Series
was a weekly series featuring up and coming comics competing open mic style in various venues throughout Durham Region for an opportunity to perform a 15 min opening set at the Durham Region Comedy Festival’s Gala Show.
Un Punk- Musical Documentary
a documentary musical experience that flies in the face of cancel culture, and shows just how powerful politicians and the media are in dictating the social narrative, and silencing marginalized voices; and how easy it is to be shut down for trying to do something good.

Commercial Advertisements / Motion Graphics

Music Videos

Animated Music Video