Otherwise entitled, lmlol.

It’s been a while since I’ve written, forgive me if I’m rusty, and welcome back… to you, dear reader, and to me, person who is able to communicate her thoughts out loud without the terror of what comes of it.  Like everyone else, I went into hiding during the pandemic, and it has taken me till now to get up the gumption to do something I used to do daily (sometimes many times a day), without fear, impunity, or remorse.

Or shame.

It’s not to say that I haven’t been extremely busy working on all kinds of things, me for one.  The silence of the pandemic led me to run around in my head for months on end (and walk many miles) and there I encountered all kinds of amusing (and bemusing) things about myself.  This blog will document their emersion, as I compile my catalog.  I’m going to the American Film Market in November for the first time, after wanting to for what feels like forever.  The last time I was in Los Angeles, 2006, upon my return home my life changed irrevocably.  I’m hoping for a similar, yet different, result this time.

It’s exciting to contemplate travelling after being so confined for so long.  I’m looking forward to spreading my wings, dipping my foot into the ocean, and communing with the thousands of other people who make up the media and entertainment industry… this industry I’ve been navigating since that first visit 16 years ago.  Sweet 16.

The first series I ever produced dropped on June 6th, 2006 (yes, 6/6/6), I arrived in LA on a wing and a prayer and the last minute, no reputation, and a head full of dreams.  By the time I got home, I had interest from a major distributor… and I was dropped by my producer and my crew.  

This time, I’m going in the fall, but I won’t be dropping anything.  My trip is fully financed, I am self produced, my briefcase is packed with a slate of projects that are original, bold, and well developed.  My person is credited with an appearance in a Canadian Screen Award winning film, and I’m much better educated and experienced than I was on that first, fateful trip.

I’m ready to let go of my past experience to gain a new one, where I can remember the days when we went to Santa Monica… and celebrate.  Until then, I still have tons of prep to do, and with a little discipline and courage… I’ll write here to tell you about it 🙂