Character Building

“I’ll start all over again tomorrow.” is what both I and Thomas Edison said upon the realization that our laboratories  have been destroyed beyond repair. Edison’s in the form of his Building No.5 and Mine? An external hard drive.

The trouble with working “on the road” is that everything needs to be portable. So armed with determination, I set out to leave behind my cumbersome desktop editing suite for the more portable laptop version.. And got about transferring the massive 3D library, video, client files etc., that I would need to continue working, while traveling between cities.

It worked quite well for the past 3 months, mostly staying in Airbnb’s I was able to progress quite nicely on this, and my other projects. Managing to render 3D animations for comic frames all the way to Scene 13.

Act 1 : Mystery at Montauk- Scene 13

Literally Just as I sent that sequence to the render que, An accidental tug on the wire, and the hard drive slipped to the floor with a thud.


The tell tale click and whirr from the hard drive confirming my worst fears.. Total Loss.

My First thoughts were to simply restart, rebuild. But the more I contemplated the more it caused me to question this project itself.

Originally this project was started as a way to supply content for a blog, this blog. The catalyst (I Hoped) to get me writing again both creatively, and corporately, as well as providing an avenue to practice and develop my 3D animation skills. Something that I have invested a great amount of study in, without finding any real practical application for. 

July 2019

When restoring my library from a back-up, I  came to the realization that I had begun Rendering the first Scene in July of 2019. The realization that with only myself and my laptop on a part time basis, the practicality of producing these animated vignettes seems to be unreasonable. It is simply taking too long to tell the story this way. 

And speaking of story… 

I thought instead to spend some time actually writing.. Up until now, this story had developed scene for scene. I had the general story arch, in my head, I knew who the players were but I really hadn’t developed them.. They had no names, no lives and no real motivations, Like The project.. They were 3D characters.. But not much more than a wire frame. 

I hadn’t really ever expected  much out of them..  I was limiting their potential, deterred by my own fear of being trapped in a reductive story in the face of my ignorance about High Castle. Having now watched that series to its completion, I found (perhaps in my own arrogance) it lacking.

I realized that perhaps I wasn’t taking my own story seriously enough. Perhaps it has something of its own to say.. And when I let it speak it has thus far had a mouthful to say.. 

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