Developing Character

For the past 7 years we have invested all our creative energies on concept development. Focusing our attention on bringing unique, alternate perspectives to commonly perceived subjects. 

Building on the concepts we explored in the reality of the alternative lifestyles of the Rockstars of the AnteRockstar series, our first and most developed project is ApocryphA, which we have been actively marketing/testing/revising since 2013.

Through the course of this exercise we have garnered participation in several panel discussions and two pitches to studio execs, who’s critical feedback basically culminated in 3 simple words.

“Strong Female Lead”

But… what is that exactly?

Having been taught by the best, we know that if you want something to look bright, it needs to be presented next to something dark. Much in the same way that, this play in contrast, builds character, its limiting factor is timing.

In the days of classic cinema, when effects were costly and difficult, demand for screen time was less dominated by the extreme, screenwriters could weave their narrative web, taking the audience on a journey, establishing who these characters were, their conflict, trials, and triumphs.

Todays mainstream screenwriting, tends to get right to the action, fearing a loss of audience attention.

In our screenwriting/game cutscenes, we are met with similar challenges with Danika. In order to accomplish this we have chosen to take the audience through the characters establishing conflicts via a series of flashback scenes.

Employing a voice over narration of the characters journal, as a framing device, which is, in itself an element of the characters development, As it is introduced in the storyline, as a key tool of the scientific method. As well as a venue to explore the characters thoughts on her own self discovery. 

As we are sure it will be for game players.

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