Don’t Reboot, Remake or Retell


Imagine a world where new releases were actually new, and instead of watching the same stories re-arranged, re-told, re-cast, or re-booted, stories were immersive, involving, and interactive, where participation could teach, encourage self development and/or Improve the world we live in.

Recently (at long last) the re-release on of one of my personal favorite series was announced

“starting May 31st, new audiences around the world will discover the adventure when the television series debuts on Disney+ “

I had recently rewatched this series on DVD, and had marveled at how similar in concept the Young Indie series and it’s accompanying compendium DVD of bonus content was; to our own La Roquette and it’s Immersive Narrative Game Montauk Mystery.

“  Each entry in the globe-trotting epic brings Indy to exciting locales and encounters with celebrated figures of history “

In the DVD version, each of these historical characters comes with a bonus documentary about the historical significance of the figure. In our Montauk Mystery we take a player through a series of fact finding challenges that uncover these historical figures and their significance.

For myself, this felt like a lost opportunity to tell an amazing Immersive Narrative Adventure along with a young Indie. Alas, I don’t work for Disney..

However, when I think about it,  I do Have old content collecting dust on unused social media platforms about indie, Indie Musicians. The problem is that this narrative content ends in disaster.

Every review has come back the same, the narrative lacks one thing.. A positive uplifting hopeful ending. 

This is where we have yet to succeed, and why the content has remained stagnant for all these years. Perhaps a new perspective is all that is required to make what was old new again.

Through the Gamification of our old promotion materials, we hope that by reframing the context of a failed

benefit concert, We can find and engage a new audience and #MakeGood gamifies an past failure into a positive initiative.

Through a narrative adventure that challenges players, to put their talents to a positive community building use and raise the funds for a cause that we failed to all those years ago.