Apiary InterMedia Inc. is an avant garde content creation studio that makes media that take audiences out of the box to play in the real world… 

Our business model pivots marketing and promotion activities stories into data and revenue generating gaming experiences for audiences to enjoy on an interactive level.  Using real and digital components we cultivate immersion with the elements of the story: characters, locations, products, world. Our audiences don’t just watch, they benefit from the experience of living in the story… 

An Immersive Narrative Adventure game (INA) is an interactive networked narrative, a story that is distributed across a network of interconnected authors, and/or threads where the narrative is not driven by the exposition of specific details; instead, details emerge through an investigation, discovery and co-construction of the whole truth of the plot, by the various participants/stakeholders or elements. INA’s use the real world as a platform; they employ transmedia storytelling, a technique of telling a single story or narrative experience across multiple platforms and formats using digital technologies, to deliver a narrative adventure that may be influenced by players’ ideas, input and/or actions.

The Game is defined by intense player involvement with a story arch that takes place in real time and evolves according to players’ responses. It is shaped by characters that are actively controlled by the game’s designers, Players interact directly with characters in the game, solve plot-based challenges and puzzles, and collaborate as a community to analyze the story and coordinate real-life and online activities. 

Apiary InterMedia Games leverage the 2Q process – transforming gameplay from a fantasy time-waster to a productive vehicle of creative expression with a real world impact. By framing social collaboration in an online game scenario, the perception of learning, work, volunteerism, creativity, and social interaction becomes a challenging, rewarding fun-filled process. 2Q realizes the power at its disposal, and channels it to create a new Reality — and, potentially, a new world.\

The 2Q process directs players through a productive workflow; collecting psychographic data on both user groups’ actions/reactions/interactions at each level. The 2Q Process cultivates and sustains community, drives IP production within the community, and collects data on user/user pool behavioral patterns and integrity when faced with challenges.

Our substantial catalog of developed works offer escapes inspired by the most popular historical fiction, and includes original fantasies in all formats: series, cinema, and interactive narrative games for the web. Our work is grounded media that appeals to adult audiences who enjoy boundary breaking, dramatic, documentary, and