Immersive Narrative Adventure 


2Q an Immersive Narrative Adventure Game  – that transforms gameplay from a fantasy time-waster to a productive vehicle of creative expression with a real impact. By framing social collaboration in an online game scenario, the perception of learning, work, volunteerism, creativity, and social interaction becomes a challenging, rewarding fun-filled process. 2Q games realize the power at their disposal, and channel it to create a new Reality — and, potentially, a new world.

2Q Games are web 3.0 transmedia projects, testing a proposition posed by it’s associated narrative. 2Q interacts with audiences on an emotional level, and responds intelligently, in an intuitive, emergent way. 

Participants are enticed to become players and are offered distinct perspectives and interactive role playing opportunities, evolving over multiple platforms, involving the audience in a multimedia chase to discover the whole truth of the plot.

Is it real? 

The 2Q Narratives are stories written for all screens: Cinema, Television, and the Web, and  are designed to actively solicit the audience’s involvement in expanding the narrative world.   

Appearing in multiple formats and platforms, real and virtual, audiences watch the Narrative Plot unfold on the 2Q Game Platform as the game directs players through a productive workflow, collecting psychographic data on both user groups’ actions/reactions/interactions at each level.  

2Q data is collected for learning purposes, with the intent to create a blind, measurable, predictive, intergenerationally comparative model of human psychosocial behavior, and to change the world by changing the perspective of its players.