Montauk Mystery

Everything Changes in Time

Trapped in 2039 with only the field escalator, from her time machine, still functioning, Danika  has Managed to create a micro wormhole through which she can hack a broadcast signal through time..

Subscribers are enticed by Montauk Mystery to become players “re-leaning” 100 years of  history within the context of exploring a bizarre mirror universe, where the history of the past century has been inverted. When they encounter a mysterious hacker (Danika) who suggests what they see is not what it appears to be; the experiment begins…

Using multi-media messaging this psycho social real life adventure challenges players to identify  an obscure OBJECT executing challenges to unlock  clues as to its shape, quality, and nature.  

Involves elements of history, archeology, science, quantum theory, psychology, spirituality, and self discovery. 

The success of an INA (Immersive Narrative Adventure) is typically tied to their sister IP or product in another category, creating  a new world or enigma around the primary property; not instigators of the alternate reality itself.  INAs are promotions for something else.

Montauk Mystery leverages La Roquette to build a model of an alternate reality.