OI! Polloi

A Game of Activism

An immersive media narrative for players 14+

A benefit Concert so controversial, they sent 30 cops to shut it down but, who are “THEY” and why did “THEY” do it?

13 years later, Un-Punk is set to finally be released, and we’ll find out.

The game takes place in Memorial Park 2009, during a breast cancer Web-streamed fundraiser that was shut down by a fleet of police, the antics unfolded live on handheld cameras.

The Playing Board is divided into 3 different Groups The Punks, The Politicians, and The Police (city staff).

The Suspects represent characters who were actively involved with the Concert event when the shutdown happened: Now 13 years later, new evidence has been discovered, mysterious facts about the benefit concert that day.

The success of an INA (Immersive Narrative Adventure) is typically tied to their sister IP , creating  a new world or enigma around the primary property; not instigators of the alternate reality itself.  INAs are promotions for something else.

OI! leverages The existing IP