Redeem Her is a campaign to reclaim the feminine perspective in the popular bible narrative perpetuated in popular media.  

Through the production of a unique and powerful drama series ApocryphA, Redeem Her seeks to shed light on the truth that has been hiding in plain sight for over 2000 years: the Christian movement was founded on the testimony of a woman, the apostle Jesus loved most:  Mary Magdalene.  Had Mary not recognized Him, and stuck to her story, Christianity would never have existed.  

ApocryphA – The Series

The voice of Mary Magdalene Based on the books that didn’t make it into the bible (the ApocryphA), ApocryphA is the first ever serial dramatization of the perspectives contained in these illicit pages..

ApocryphA – The search for the first banned books

Did you know there are hundreds of gospels that weren’t included in the Bible?  These gospels shed unique insights into the Jesus story, and offer us alternative perspectives on his life, his movement, and the impact his story has had on the last 2000 years of our world’s history.

These are the books upon which we have based the narrative for ApocryphA, the series.  A story written in the voice of the first witness, Mary Magdalene.

In this research journey, these books will be shared, read, discussed, and applied to the narrative presented in ApocryphA.

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We are currently seeking a test audience of 144 000 people to join us in the adventure of producing this groundbreaking series. 


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Funding Goal:

Redeem Her is raising funds for the production of Season I of ApocryphA, 3 episodes, $9M. 

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Salaries for writers, producers, actors, crew, accountants fees, legal fees, and promotion fees to produce and distribute ApocryphA – Season I (3 episodes). 

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Apiary InterMedia receives your contribution, net of any payment processing fees and HST.  10% is retained for Administration purposes
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60% is placed in Escrow for the production of ApocryphA, Season I until the budget has been met, and we begin photography.

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As little as $5 will get you a subscription to all the benefits listed above.

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NO.  Contributions are NOT tax deductible, and are subject to 13% HST.

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