Gamify or Die:

Turning Your Old Content Into Revitalized Collateral

“This whole thing started on a fuck-up”

-The AnteRockstar

Mistakes, we all make them and we all have them.  In our case our biggest mistake has been, and continues to be, our biggest challenge to overcome. Naturally it was never intended to be a blight on our reputations.

At the time we were just two years into the webcast Anterockstar, we had achieved a loyal following, but as if keeping  a dirty secret, our fanbase was consistent but silent. Several attempts at interactive content had failed to produce results. PHYTE, our fledgling content distribution platform, was in a rut and we needed a way to bolster our audience numbers if we were going to earn the attention of advertisers.

Then The3Tards (one of the numerous bands we had been profiling in our audience building vignettes Anterockstar Moments) were retiring, and wanted to do a big show in Oshawa, the band had a very large and loyal following in Oshawa, their shows had a reputation of being so outlandish, they were named by the colloquialism “shwatarded”.

We were not promoters, however being a former youth director I was no stranger to concert production, and saw this as an opportunity to combine our marketing efforts,while at the same time demonstrate the capabilities of our collaboration platform (PHYTE). As such a plan was hatched, to leverage the charitable work the3tards were already engaged in with The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, to create a multimedia concert event and live web-a-thon fundraiser.

Concept in hand, we ran off to invest in our future, we booked Memorial Park, sent out the press releases, mailed the media kits, things were really happening!  We were in Montreal to pitch and sign our first sponsor (Detox), when we received a email from Oshawa Parks and Recreations Manager Derek, that marked the beginning of a PR shoving match which ended dramatically with police shutting down our little rain soaked concert.

The professional and financial consequences aside, the event and the subsequent attempts to rectify the loss, have created a good amount of media collateral.  Content that was objective driven, has become stagnant. The webseries itself has become dated, feedback from the last pitch had even the name Anterockstar out of touch.

In addition to the pit in my stomach left by of a job unfinished, I have been walking around, thinking about all this content, this investment, that has been going to waste, weighing on my conscience. With the AFM fast approaching, I have been seeking a way to bolster our offering and make our content viable again.

As with the last time, the 3Tards frontman John came to us wanting to finally do a music video for “Oshawa”, (One of the multimedia elements, to come out of the park that day was to be a music video for the song “Oshawa”). For his latest Media Production The Punk Project. When it hit me.

I should take my own advice: Gamify My Content. And ‘oi Polloi was born.

The Narrative story that links all this old content together still exists, and has never really been resolved, Reality being stranger than fiction holds true to this day, and the stories that have unfolded from the characters in the park that day are surreal. Now old content , wrapped around a new narrative, solving an old mystery, and hopefully rectifying the mistakes of the past in the process.

That just might be something an audience can get involved in.

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