I started writing this story about a year or so ago. I have been obsessed with this  character  concept since first discovering it, during that trend, in the early nineties to produce movie adaptations of the old radio serials. 

I was very anxious to give it a new twist, while there have been several comic book adaptations since the film version, they all revolved around the same story, the same timeline, with the same character parameters. Not wanting to simply write a fan fiction, I decided to flip the world world of this character on it’s head.

My First step was to do a google search, fan art gave insight into the first change.. he now should become a she.

She now needed a new story and a new world to live in.. what makes her different.

My original concept was that she would be the granddaughter of the original character, living in an alternate timeline, where the U.S. had lost World War II .

Unfortunately sourcing 3D models to create a convincing  alternative; occupied 1980’s America, proved difficult, so I modified the time line by 30 years, she became the daughter, living in an alternate 1950’s America.

This I was convinced, was the original take I needed,  and off I ran to render…. and produced this lovely 5 panel introduction to the story.

However, upon reviewing the finished piece, I found the striking imagery worked .. a little to well, I became concerned that Nazi imagery, would be meet with hostility or dismissal by the audience. 

So I left the story un-published for many months, I continued to write and research and while looking for a 3d model of the proposed city of Germania I discovered this:

My original Idea, was not so original after all…. I was Crushed 

but I was also right..

So Controversy avoided .. 

while my idea may not have been original at least I’m in good company.

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