Immersive Narrative Adventure

Games For the Brain

An Immersive Narrative Adventures (INA) is unlike, traditional linear narrative such as a series,
features, or video games, INA projects lead players (not audience) on a multi platform narrative
experience, through play, they are prompted to measurable action, providing Intelligence, and
creating loyal brand ambassadors, who are invested and immersed in the narrative, rewarded
through an achievement based content distribution strategy, that prompts and perpetuates the
game cycle.

An INA puts the game-player in a world centered around a narrative story, it can be any traditional
narrative or focus. For example, the source of the gospel texts, or the secrets surrounding the
military installation at Montauk Long Island, or even the strange circumstances surrounding a punk
concert shut down by police. As a content producer employing this strategy can refocus the
conversations around a narrative property or an issue that have gone stale or are potentially
contentious. Allowing the reuse of media collateral and providing feedback for future deployments,
or a blind market analysis before a costly production.

Through a host of media collateral, delivered to the players phones, e-mail, and social media, players
are prompted to participate and engage with the story as it unfolds. Inciting them to measurable action,
by presenting players with topic relevant, game challenges.

At each level progression, players are presented with an Educational / Learning challenge, this
learning is then put into practice by Inviting players to perform a measurable action,
(recruitment, social sharing etc.) Challenges involve educational topics surrounding your narrative
or integrated branded content. Opening your INA up to the potential of partnerships and/or
revenue building opportunities.

Challenges and Rewards scale with level progression, simple challenges presented in early
game-play are crafted to form the foundations of player profile data. Identifying and defining the
project’s dedicated audience, in the case of new projects in advance of production. 

Higher Levels of game-play present players with increasingly more sophisticated challenges,
Immersing your players in your narrative, via greater rewards, releasing exclusive content,
gaming app vignettes, behind the scenes etc..

INA’s provide distributors / content distribution platforms, with a competitive advantage through
game incentivized market research at pre-production. Opportunities for revenue generation,
partnerships, in depth market analysis, an active and engaged player base to test concepts.
While at the same time producing a rich quality media product that resonates with it’s audience.