June 6, 2006: AnteRockstar

Standing in front of a panel of venture capitalists, in Los Angeles California, at the Ihollywood Forum We launched our production careers, like being launched out of cannon, that moment had been the culmination of a 3 month whirlwind.
A spark of an idea, fanned by a failed radio contest submission, retooled into a narrative, and media vehicle to demonstrate and promote a concept we had been developing since 2005 called PHYTE.ca.

Obsessed with our passion, we were convinced that this was the way of the future and a gateway to an entertainment career. Unfortunately we had yet to convince any financial investors of its revenue potential, and our self funded venture had recently taken a hit, when a location shoot at our Rockstar’s job, cost her it. 

Fortunately we had partners, who, when our hopes seemed lost brought the functionality of their NetTeam server, a system that functioned much the way monday.com does today, who had pitched and won, an opportunity to present our combined products, Professionally Produced User Generated Content, (as social media was then called) via  our newly conceived User Generated Platform, PHYTE.ca

A Collaborative Workspace, File Sharing Library, Task Manager, Calendar, Blog, Wiki, Content Management System etc, and our new first collaborative production AnteRockstar.

A web series and 10 week exploration of what it takes to be a “Rockstar” We believed would be an endearing narrative, with a broad appeal, and counterpoint to the then popular “Rockstar” shows.

Being ahead of our time , didn’t save us the time of experience. Being first to market, meant the first to forge a path, learning those hard lessons of experience, creating in the process a narrative, about the Art, and the journey our souls take, in our commitment to write about what we know.