In the moment of his death, Jesus’ life flashes before his eyes, revealing a conspiracy that made him the icon of an empire; the truth of how one woman inspired the “Christ” movement, the first witness; Mary Magdalene.


the word of man, written by a woman
Created By :Kevin & Tamara LeClair
Genre: Biblical Historical Drama Series
Length: 45 mins running time, 3 seasons x 10 episodes
Rating:  PG13 Adult language and themes, smoking, sexuality, violence.


Literally, ApocryphA is the books that didn’t make it into the bible.  ApocryphA is a series which uses the information in those illicit books to fill in the gaps in the accepted bible story; revealing the truth hiding in plain sight: the Christian movement was founded on the word of a woman, not a man.

Over the course of three intersecting seasons, Jesus reconstructs his life from infancy to crucifixion, unraveling the conspiracy that made him the icon of Chistianity: not the political forces in power at the time, but a power play between the people closest to him; Mary and Peter.

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