The Bless’d

A superhuman story about homeless people, A cast of unlikely heroes take on the establishment with only a phone, and a following.

Dramedy; IDM and Video Serie
Created by Tamara and Kevin LeClair for Apiary InterMedia


JOAN DORIE is a politician with passion and a plan.  When her phone disappears during an on air interview at a park encampment clearing, her scheme to eliminate  homelessness by pushing the development of purpose built housing for the destitute called “The Estates” starts to unravel.

Barely escaping arrest during the clearing at “Pit” park, five displaced and destitute strangers, each gifted with an augmented sense, discover the power of a 6th when they find themselves in possession of what appears to be a politician’s phone. 

Suddenly blessed, they take shelter in an abandoned church set for demolition, forming a semi-functional family, and combine their supra- abilities to evade capture, and launch a campaign to save their new “home”.  Using the phone to hijack the politician’s social media following, they tell their story; becoming influencers in the process. 

The politician’s carefully curated public image becoming distorted as her private persona is broadcast on social media by a group calling themselves “The Bless’d”,  Joan scurries to save her reputation, the relationships, and funding that she is counting on to assure her legacy: to be the woman who solves the homeless problem “once and for all”.  

From obscurity to visibility, what superhuman lengths will these everyday people from opposing walks of life go to save their social standing?

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