Apiary InterMedia Inc. is an avant garde content creation studio that makes media that take audiences out of the box to play in the real world… 

are stories written for all screens…  Cinema, Television, and the Web.  These narratives are designed to actively solicit the audience’s involvement in expanding the narrative.  Our projects offer distinct individual character perspectives, evolving over multiple platforms, involving the audience in a cross platform chase to discover the whole truth of the plot.

Our work is grounded media that appeals to adult audiences who enjoy boundary breaking, dramatic, documentary, and darkly comedic content.

Our catalog of developed works offer escapes inspired by the most popular historical fiction, and includes original fantasies in all formats: series, cinema, and interactive narrative games for the web.

Genre: Biblical Historical Drama Series
Length: 45 mins running time, 3 seasons x 10 episodes
Rating:  PG13 Adult language and themes, smoking, sexuality, violence.
Genre: Dystopian Historical Sci-fi  Drama Series. 45 mins Length: 45 running time, 3 seasons x 10 episodes
Rating: Adult Themes