One life, Two eras; Same book.

Scripted Drama / Science Fiction


A photographer has a near-death experience which opens a portal to their past life, where tyranny proves timeless; causing them to reevaluate who they truly are.


Struggling independent photographer Ani struggles to live up too what the modern world demands. Until a casual encounter with a enchanting young woman, leads to a brush with death. 

This life altering experience unlocks portal to a paradoxical state of mind, where their present self, and a past life, entwine as each reincarnated life unfolds haunted by the visions of the other, separated by 25000 years.

Ani evolves over two distinct timelines. A scribe in the 18th dynasty Egypt under the reign of Akhenaten. A renegade Pharaoh who has rejected the traditional polytheistic philosophy in favor of a monotheistic view under Aten.

Ani struggles financially, but aspires to purchase a much coveted copy of the “book of the dead”. Obsessed with securing a legacy in the afterlife, in accordance with traditional doctrine. 

Ani thrown into a spiritual crisis when the political landscape,  tumultuous erupts as Ani bears witness to an Ethiopian born Pharaoh attempts to unify his people under the simple philosophy that “we are all the light.” I

Ani, suddenly unemployed under the new regime, devotes all this new found spare time into developing a creative practice in an attempt to create a book of the dead to guide in the afterlife. 

In Modern day, Ani is a photographer making their way in modern times, when a brush with death has left Ani perplexed with their own mortality, legacy and eternal life, as the whole world is thrown into chaos as a narcissistic leader attempts to unite the nation under the simple philosophy that “he is the light.”

Ani, forced to take a job to pay the rent, and is thrown into emotional turmoil over the conflict arising from within when selling artistic expression to a cause solely for financial gain.