The Bless’d

What happens when the dispossessed become…

The Bless’d

A superhuman story about homeless people.

Semi-Scripted, Dramedy; 44 mins. Video Series and IDM

Created by Tamara and Kevin LeClair for Apiary InterMedia

A cast of homeless heroes take on the establishment with only a phone, and a following.  

From obscurity to visibility, what superhuman lengths will everyday people from opposing walks of life go to save their social standing?

To start a conversation around uncomfortable truths; we’re healing with humor.

Our cast includes persons with lived experience with poverty which the narrative will explore.  Their humor is centric to the piece, and provides a comic relief to the otherwise harsh reality, allowing the audience to sit more comfortably with the truth, and hope.

To challenge the homelessness paradigm; we’re changing the conversation.

We’re exploring a world everybody is afraid of, including those who live in it.  Challenging concepts of home and family through the eyes of characters who apparently have neither; changing their perception of those who appear to have it all, the audience.

There isn’t an “ism” that The Bless’d doesn’t address head on, each of our 10 main characters designed to represent the diverse aspects of the social spectrum, including the invisible ones, demographically, racially, culturally, politically, religiously, economically; as well as the inherent clashes that arise from interactions between these diverse groups.

Where the AUDIENCE generates the story.

The audience dictates how the characters move towards their goals in the narrative by interacting with a chatbot called The MONEYMAN on  This AI generated character affects what resources the characters have access to in the narrative by creating challenges for them to overcome. 

The Bless’d is an imaginative and innovative vehicle offering the AUDIENCE the chance to program one of the characters in the story.  There is nothing else like it.

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