The Rockette

A socially outcast  young queer woman, intent on righting the mistakes of her past, rockets off on a mind bending trip through history, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance and time is of the essence.

The Rockette

An ordinary girl, trying to save all time.

Genre: Historical Sci-fi  Drama Series. 45 mins Length: 45 running time, 3 seasons x 10 episodes
Rating: Adult Themes


In an alternate universe, a mirror 1955, where a culturally segregated dystopian society precipitates in the aftermath of a Nazi victory in World War II. A war orphan, reclaimed by the Reich, Danika Schmidt is a normal pollinated teenager. Like her fellow “Polly” Americans, she is having a hard time fitting in.   She isn’t blonde enough , nor Aryan enough, and she lives with a secret…  

Previously, spending her school days sitting alone dreaming of a family and a heritage that she cannot achieve,

her science teacher takes notice and pairs her with a fiery redheaded “Thule” lab partner.  Danika soon falls seduced by her perfect Arian life, family, and opposing personality. When the wrong eyes witness an innocent kiss between these two girlfriends  Danika finds herself suddenly alone, homeless, and hunted as a consequence of her deviant act.  On the verge of hopelessness, she meets a mysterious man in a black fedora, an x- agent of the Reich Otto Rahn, who points her in the direction of an abandoned warehouse, arming her with a journal of secrets from a buried and forgotten past. 

Determined to put right what her naive, love struck, actions have wronged, Danika sets off on a journey of self discovery. Following breadcrumbs of political scheming, Danika uncovers, and unknowingly exposes, an underground network of resistance fighters that have been ferrying escaped, ethnic scientists, and technologies out of occupied America. Scientists with stories about the truth behind The Montauk Project, a secret Reich project in time travel. 

Armed with an experimental jetpack, Danika rockets off on an adventure through time, to solve a mystery that calls into question the nature of the reality she lives in, and a chance to fix not only her mistakes, but the mistakes of history itself.