Provoking Convention in a Cancel Culture

Art Imitates Life

Write what you know, more than just an axiom, we noticed early on when “writing” AnteRockstar, a phenomenon that, we described then as; Spooky Action at a Distance. We found when exploring themes (episodes were theme based ) our expressed intentions manifested themselves in unexpected ways . Somehow circumstances conspired to play out perfectly so as to demonstrate exactly what we were hoping to demonstrate.. only… never in the way that we anticipated. 

Like entanglement we soon learned that to create genuine. characters you’re going to have to walk a mile (or more) in their shoes, as they will become the reflection of your journey.

It has been no different with Danika, the human, behind the, yet to be revealed hero , who’s journey has only just begun, and much like her authors, is struggling to find a voice in a world she doesn’t seem to fit into.

Until an expression of her individuality causes her to be ejected from the only society she knows.

Life Reflects It

The 2Q game was originally conceived as a way to test audience reaction to what could be considered controversial depictions. Early test reads of the script had some readers rejecting historical facts because they remain outside the sphere of common knowledge. Within the 2Q Gaming context, we would be able to educate and entertain the audience at the same time.

The challenge became to create a compelling enough story…

When entering into the content creation sphere, we decided to put forward the unique product proposition of integrated gaming components.. Built-in derivative content.

As we were already using Danika’s story development, as demonstration content for this blog, the story line was certainly compelling enough, and the opportunities for historical education within the storyline are boundless. It seemed a natural progression to distribute that content in a prototype form of the game, using the content we were already producing .. et voila..

Montauk Mystery was born and ready to demo. .

We received this feedback after a submitted proposal was rejected.

“Your creative style seems quite incompatible with the image we want to convey”

Now, if I have my grammar right the “quite” qualifies the incompatible, so what is it, that makes us so incompatible, that it required to be, quite  qualified ? 😎

Of course there is no shortage of potential controversies with our content. Like our Heroine, our desire to be uniquely individual causes us to be vulnerable to outright rejection.

At first glance, the very nature of the dystopian mirror universe where our character exists has been proven to be contentious to audiences, yet it also represents history’s ultimate Bad Guy on a societal scale.  That metaphorical monumental challenge our Character must overcome in contrast.

Recent Headline show a grim reflection of what can happen when an influencer, and Brand Ambassador in the entertainment industry, discuss controversies in the real life political sphere of a cancel culture.

A trend Ironically, reflective of the very fascist philosophy that the cancel culture seeks to cancel, fighting fascism with fascism.

The Reflection Manifests Itself.

Character and Creator meet on the surface of the Mirror.

This is the kind of mind flip that the 2Q process of the Montauk Mysteries Game seeks to reflect, for those with the courage to look beyond the looking glass at their reflection in the mirror.

An escape room for your mind.

As Danika will soon discover, in her mirror universe, things aren’t always as they seem. If you are willing to challenge your perspective.

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