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Sometime just about a decade ago, research began on what would eventually be called ApocryphA. Originally undertaken as a novel, “M” would focus on the “real life” behind the biblical legend..  Wanting to go beyond the romantic tale of secret societies, templar knights, heretics and miracles, of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, We wanted our story to explore something that we could relate to. The Historical Jesus and Mary, an ordinary couple trying to achieve a goal in life.
But who were the Historical Jesus and Mary? The search for that  answer, is how we came to be introduced to Q source, A theoretical gospel of sayings of Jesus, that three of four of the canonical gospels, Mark, Mathew and Luke draw from. As we soon learned the gospels are far from historical, not even written by the apostles they are named for. In fact, the oldest copy of a biblical text that archaeologists possess, is a gospel of John dated to the year 125. To put that into perspective, if Jesus was as popular as John Lennon, the earliest magazine article we have about him, will only be written in 2072.

In addition, the only texts that delve into the everyday life of the purported human being named Jesus and the woman who would kiss him on his___? Are the apocryphal text lost until 1949. When a farmer dug them up and used them for kindling before discovering their true value. Fragments of text pieced together with literal gaps in the writings.

Day by day, Month by month we explored each perspective and scholarly opinion, in a wide variety of formats, documentaries, articles and papers. Gradually the fog of time lifted and a story began to emerge. Armed with the Writers Creed “ write what you know”, and applied to the original gospel writer Jesus,  scenes of the Series now called ApocryphA , became variations on theories, hypotheses or scholarly opinions presented by at least one or more of the experts in the field. In this way while it may not be historically accurate, it is the best approximation we can achieve. 

Leaving us a chasm of a knowledge gap to bridge between us and our audience. The first test readers found themselves lost in this strange historical world that looked nothing like the bible of Cecil B. DeMille. Thousands of hours of study and research could simply not be educated to an audience via dialogue alone.

The answer was conceived in the form of the compendium alternate reality game, 2Q a challenge based learning game that would educate and entertain the audience, test the market and even affect real world results. Believing that the current video game  and narrative entertainment trends will eventually collide in a VR augmented reality, heralded by the star trek holo novel. We hope to supplant the rather empty achievement motivation of video game playing, with achievement learning, intellectual challenges that achieve actual knowledge, that players not only advance with to the next level but their lives.

In taking this narrative story to market we have begun to assemble the Historical sources for our Apocryphal story and a source for a game we call Q.

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