Follow The Yellow Brick No!’s

Previously we had decided on employing the marketing Strategy: A Rocketeer, solving the stranger things, to escape a Man in a high Castle. meet La Roquette.

Our Primary Target was (is) Disney current holders of “The Rocketeer” IP.

In 1991 Disney Studio’s Released The Rocketeer to theatres, this Story of an Ordinary Man who stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high-flying masked hero.

In August 2021, the sequel was officially titled The Return of the Rocketeer. A Writer was hired to write a new draft of the screenplay, with David Oyelowo and his wife Jessica serving as producers, while David may also star as the title role. The plot will center on a former Tuskegee Airman who inherits the jetpack suit and the heroic mantle.

Our La Roquette’s storyline takes place In the Mirror universe to our own, and thus intersects with The Proposed Film in our second season, which explores the historical events of World War II. The Tuskegee Airman Character(s) also make an appearance in our first season as resistance operatives in our mirror 1955. Thus could present a perfect compendium to their Rocketeer project as it could be deployed as a derivative series (animated or live action) and/or an Immersive Narrative Game.

Montauk Mystery is an Immersive Narrative Game presented as a quest for knowledge within the context of an experiment to alter perception of time.  Montauk Mystery is distributed on multiple platforms (geo-map, print, web, email, txt, and radio) where the player is directed through a productive playflow while Montauk Mystery collects data on players actions at each level.  

Montauk Mystery narrative distributes La Roquette test material outside an expected context enabling, blind testing, allowing producers to fine tune the production and measure audience response to the material. is created to attract and retain an audience.  It is designed to build and study narrative communities (fan bases), drive collaboration within that community, to create IP and catalogue data on player behavioral patterns and cohesion within the community when faced with challenges. 

Montauk Mystery cultivates buy-in from viewers before and during airing, creating stakeholders, allowing producers to tap into the value of the audience..

So How exactly does one Communicate All of this and then some. in one introduction e-mail?

I have NO idea, one email in a pool of likely thousands of others, how does one break through. We went with the story, pitching the strength the narrative, unfortunately after the 3 week follow up. email up went unanswered, we were left with no choice but to accept that strategy has failed.

It’s tough not to take things personally when you’re a creative. Writers, directors, actors, cinematographers and other film and TV creatives are emotionally invested in their work, while putting in a massive amount of time and effort in creating their art. This makes hearing negative feedback or a simple, but impactful “no” feel like a crushing setback.

Clearly we received a  Non-response from Disney/Star, not entirely unexpected, but disappointing nonetheless,  fortunately I have never received a Rude no.. not from content acquisition execs.. Casing agents, however, are another story. 😉

While this first round may have been a NO there are other ways to pitch and other avenues for the narrative. Change her Helmet and the character takes on a whole new identity free of any IP entanglements and making La Roquette available to any streaming service willing to immerse an audience in an adventure.

Speaking of Tuskegee Airman this is an example of the potential power of Immersive Narrative game play, that we should all undertake to honor this Real Hero who is still leading the way.

Retired Tuskegee Airman is asking people to send him cards to celebrate his 100th birthday