Kevin P. LeClair

Kevin P. LeClair

Kevin P. LeClair



Narrative Content Producer, Teller of enriching stories for diverse markets.

Storyteller, Writer, Producer, Multimedia Artist,  Marketer, Content Integrator, Social Innovator.

A master visual artist, KEVIN’s skillset is enhanced by 20 plus years brand management and marketing research experience serving blue chip brands.  Kevin is a highly skilled digital media production specialist with a plethora of successful technical executions across many mediums, including print, web, television, and film.  Expert post production technician with a natural aptitude for creating engaging narrative, using visual, audio, animation, and interactive elements.

As Apiary InterMedia’s technical guru, KEVIN is responsible for overseeing  development, executing technical production, implementation, and research.  Mr. LeClair is a wizard of the arts practiced in the dark, editing and compiling elements into experiences for  audiences to inhabit and enjoy.

Reflected in his catalog of projects advocating education, communication and active social involvement.

Kevin's work shows in-depth perspective on a wide range of themes including music, politics, poverty, homelessness, mental health, and the general pursuit of happiness to name a few.


Multimedia: Video Editing , Concept Editor, Post Production, Visual Effects, Pacing and Timing, Storyboarding, Video Director, Art Director, 3D Graphic Animator,  Graphic Arts, Social Media Management, Multimedia & Trans-media, Brand Messaging  & Management, Branded Content Integration.

Technology: Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator, Photoshop, After effect Premiere Pro, 3D studio Max, Blender, Lightwave


Graphic Animation-User Interface- Cinematics-Music Videos


Comic Strip Animated vignettes


Interactive Narrative Content