Telling Time

A Time To Be Silent 

Now entering into our 5th year of operation, I try at this time every year to pause and take a moment to  look back to where we begin this journey in 2020, Taking the temperature, and eye on the prize, and a benchmark of our progress.

Last year, the fourth of operations, seemed to be the antithesis of the year prior. The Sag-Aftra and writers strike effectively shut down Hollywood north in late April, leaving us scrambling for work and putting an end to our planned marketing activities at the festivals /markets for the year. 

All was not lost however, as despite not attending the AFM last year, I did succeed in attaining that which I did not. the year previous; a meeting.

As the strikes came to an end I pitched La Roquette (now The Rockette) to an executive in late October, he contacted me, out of curiosity about the attached gaming aspet (Montauk Mystery). The market lately has been scooping up Game IP’s following the successes of the film versions of games like Uncharted, The last of us , and Now Fall Out.

And A Time To Speak

Though. not quite what he was looking for, we did have a rather encouraging conversation about the versatility of an INA deployment, when discussing Fan Toxicity, I pointed out that our Immersive Narratives, activate the toxic fandom; by asking them to put their money where their mouth is, and become creators themselves, pitting their ideas, challenges, and custom content for other players to play and respond to.

The path is paved in yellow brick knows, and it occurred to me that perhaps a different strategy could be employed. If the market is looking to buy game IP’s why not make the Game IP marketable, that way no matter what transpired in the marketplace, strikes/markets and plane tickets be damned, the IP can always be progressing. 

why ARE we waiting for someday?

‘Cause I think that It’s already here.

1.Write and Produce the Television Series “ApocryphA”.

ApocryphA has been in active development since 2013. Now billed as “The Word of Man, written by a woman”. And continues to be pitched to distributors.

2. Write and Produce “Ani” Movie About the Book of the Dead.

This year Ani dropped to 4th Priority in the development slate, Billed as “One life, Two eras; Same book.”  Concept and story have been established and development of the feature is currently in the character development phase.

3.Sell/ Find a Purpose for the Web Series “Anterockstar”.

Anterockstar Itself has been archived, currently it is serving as a track record, or case example of our past INA deployment for funding applications. The re-cut documentary experience film Un-Punk that was marketed at AFM 2022, was taken off the slate last year, after an entertainment lawyer lead us to discover, that the costs necessary to attain clearances for the distribution of the film (as it is currently) would likely be prohibitive, and thus difficult to market.

4.Tell Compelling Stories via Video/Film.

This year we added The Bless’d to the slate and it’s associated INA game Scocio Estates. We wanted a low budget project that could be self funded, to replace the now retired AnteRockstar. Moving away from the Unscripted to a Semi-Scripted series, The Bless’d employs a similar characteristic of being charter driven. The actors take on the role of writers of their own characters, thereby creating an organic evolving story that the audience can affect through an AI character, the Money Man.

 5.Create Interactive Story/Game Comic Book

During the strikes last year, I made use of the extra free time to produce a graphic novel, Using the story boards of the first three episode pilot, of The Rockette, we are now ready to deploy on Montauk Mystery in the place of the narrative TV series. Allowing for audience testing of the scripts as they are being developed.

6.Produce a live Music Show/Festival.

This initiative has been taken over by one of our founding partners, who is currently working on a vaudevillian reemergence event TBD.

7. Develop Alternate Reality Games that Affect Real World Results.

Both Scocio-Estates and Montauk Mystery have been deployed and are currently being developed to activate an audience and test marketability of their associated narratives.

RedeemHer has been removed and is awaiting a rebrand before redeployment.

8. Study/Take Course Unity Software.

The ultimate interaction of our INA Games are slated to integrate 3D roaming technology, as such this remains a corporate and personal objective but will likely be an outside hire.

10.Garner Recognition/Critical Acclaim.
11.Win Academy Awards.

Remain as of yet un-attained 

12.Discover Time Travel.

For the progress on this initiative, please see the Montauk Mystery.

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