Better late than never

A post about family, legacy, and the intergenerational foundations of our business.

It’s never too late to glance backward just to see where you’ve been… at least so you can say goodbye to a fleeting moment

Apiary InterMedia is the braintrust of my family.  We founded Apiary in 2020 to ensure our children’s continued privilege in exploiting the IP that their father and I create.  I would be the Matron of the family, my name is Tamara.

Welcome to our second year of operations.

A company, like any other legal person, goes through stages of evolution, and this baby is no different.  In our first year we incorporated and laid the legal framework for this entity to move forward in the world.  We gave it legs.

In 2021 we nurtured those legs, and further, incorporated a body of work for them to carry, giving it purpose, and the tools to affect that purpose.  In 2022 we presented ourselves and our work to the world under this new brand, Apiary InterMedia.

What we got up to in 2022

In 2022 we attended CMPAs Prime Time, completed production on our first feature documentary “Un Punk”, developed the Patreon campaign model, and pitched our projects more than any other year.

Our slate was introduced in Los Angeles in November at the American Film Market.  We presented ApocryphA, LaRoquette and Un Punk to potential sales agents, distributors, and collaborators.

We made contact with several sales agents and distributors, and had a chance to evaluate our projects against the freshest marketplace standard and trends.  We learned that our projects place at the top of the trend wave, that they are well crafted, and are in a state to attract the attention of high caliber production partners and talent.

We climbed the Hollywood Hills.

This climb was a long time coming.  We’ve attempted to get to AFM every year for the past 10 at least, and having finally made it this year seemed very surreal.  I remember as we climbed the hill to get to the sign, I almost gave up when we came to yet another bend in the road. 

I would have had it not been for the two girls who told us our goal was just around the corner.

Our pitch activities have resulted in a request for the pilot script for ApocryphA from a packaging executive of note.  Contacts are ongoing, with a goal to execute an option agreement with this or another production partner to complete the packaging phase of this project in 2023, with an aim to go to camera in 2024.