Time Tells

Just over 15 months ago, sitting in a subdivided bedroom that was once the dining room of a Victorian row house in Bloor West.  I found myself Contemplating what direction to go next. 

Waking one morning, the realization that. now in my late forties, 15 years, living the realities of a self directed career had taken its toll, all that I had hoped to achieve was rapidly slipping through the siv,  as was my time on this earth. Years of unrelenting striving to fruitless ends, found me fatigued, and discouraged. The thought of a change to something stable, was a welcome contemplation…but to what?

Having been self directed for more than a decade and a half, I was concerned that the scotoma of single minded pursuit of my goals had been misleading me. So I sought an outside perspective, and found myself on the advice of a career coach, composing a list of 12 career goals. 

Short, Medium, and Long term goals, had been an evolving process throughout the many years of self directed employment, my feeling was that as circumstances (mainly financial) presented themselves, career goals and expectations had been adjusted, compromises made, and I was deeply troubled, that I had lost my true passions in a sea of circumstance.

The exercise is meant as a benchmark. by writing down my career objectives, those things I want to leave behind, my impact on the world. Categorized not in terms of short, medium, and long, but rather priority.  Upon the anniversary, I was to revisit the list, to see how it had changed. The difference should make clear any uncertainty.

Within 3 months stability became a fairytale, While Co-vid asked the whole world to Pivot their Priorities, I found solace in the results of this benchmarking exercise, and the progress and clarity of vision this past year has revealed.

1.Write and Produce the television series “ApocryphA”.

ApocryphA has been in active development since 2013. Now billed as “The Word of Man, written by a woman”. It has been pitched 3 times to distributors, twice within this past year.

2. Write and Produce “Ani” movie about the book of the dead.

This year has found Ani dropped to 3rd Priority in the development slate, however recent discoveries in Egypt have renewed public interest, and may bump Ani back up. Billed as “One life, Two eras; Same book.”  Concept and story have been established and development of the feature is currently in the character development phase.

3.Sell/ find a purpose for the webseries “anterockstar”.

AnteRockstar’s priority dropped to number 9. Despite having been pitched to distributors twice,(2016) and an episode of season 3 submitted to the Berlin web festival this past June; An unreceived restream of the shwatarded concert of 2009, has left it a low priority. AnteRockstar  remains troubled to regain its former audience. Feedback from its last pitch, reported high marks for concept and execution however the series name seemed dated.

4.Tell compelling stories via video/film. 

Being a child with a fierce imagination my creativity has been trying to find ways to burst forth and has manifested in written form since my first composition in grade school. I wrote my first screenplay in 1997, a collaboration with another writer, that earned us an agent, and a submission, to Lolita Fatjo, the script was never optioned, but my ambition found my career, funding my writing.  In recent years, the pursuit funding has been trumping the writing, so I felt I needed a reminder. As such in May it was decided to create a legacy corporation, as a way to establish a living Mantra and Will of our (the shareholders) collective intellectual properties, called Apiary InterMedia Inc.

 5.Create interactive story/game comic book.

This blog was created as a way of exploring this very concept, and its evolution. Over the past 12 months the comic book concept has proven to be cumbersome. In the year it’s been in production; only 12 minutes of animated comics have been produced, and are currently being released via social media.

The gaming component originally intended to be a vehicle for my studies on Priority (8. Study/take course unity software.) Have been dropped, merged with Priority (7. Develop alternate reality game effect real world results.) And are slated to be developed alongside our other narrative products. As such we can leverage licensing on the narrative story, to both gaming and film productions.

Demo mockups of the alternate reality game Montauk Mystery have been developed, repurposing the comic book assets to aid in acquiring financing to develop the comic book narrative (working title Danika) as a TV series.

In addition to Montauk Mystery , 2Q The Alternate Reality Game that accompanies the series ApocryphA, is planned to be re-developed as part of a financing drive for the ApocryphA Series.

6.Produce a live music show/festival.

Cancelled due to pandemic, however, remains in priority to be developed.

10.Garner Recognition/critical acclaim.

11.Win academy awards.

Remain as yet un-attained 

12.Discover time travel.
My career coach upon reading this priority, commented that she assumed I was joking.
To know for sure Stay Tuned to this blog… 

Only Time Will Tell.

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