If your business is thinking of incorporating elements of gaming into its marketing strategy, you don’t need to go as far as releasing a custom console to keep your message hot and ready; or hire Mario Lopez to bring your brand to life.   The game is afoot… are you ready to play?  Is there a secret recipe to get from marketing to gaming?  

By reimagining the distribution of marketing collateral and communications channels as elements in a game, the money you spend to craft your profile and propagate your message becomes an investment in building an audience.  By leveraging these commodities in a gaming context, action generation is incentivized. Empty “likes”, skipped views and trashed emails are supplanted by meaningful connections, loyal viewers, and fruitful collaboration.  What about the audience you already have?  Are they players?

Why hire outside ambassadors; or partner with dubious influencers; to build and guard your reputation when you can mobilize the agglomeration of the people who are already on your team: employees, customers and vendors.  These players are more influential than any influence you could buy; invaluably so; they have a stake in your brand and its success and are motivated to act on your behalf toward that end.  This engagement (qualitative and quantitative) creates a genuine, inclusive representation of the rich and diverse cultural composition of your brand.  The human face of your brand unmasked.  What about the mind behind it?  Can your brand be taught to learn?

Gamifying grows your brand a brain.  Games are learning and direct players to measurable actions creating a model of Artificial Intelligence based on REAL data (meta and mega).  Players are active participants in the crafting of your message, your allies; members of your team striving for the same goal. Gamification transforms your marketing strategy into a sustainable modellable engagement exercise with your audience in a world of your collaborative creation.   What if your brand exerted its power of influence into value creation in the marketplace?  How would that impact your employees, customers, vendors? You market share? 

The world?

To gamify or not to gamify…  ONE thing is certain; if you don’t do it, your competitors will… And why should they have all the fun?  Is your brand ready to play?  

2Q is the game for you.

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