Trying to Save Time

In the summer of 2019, I began exploring the idea of producing  short animated vignettes for distribution on Facebook and Instagram stories. Wanting to put my hard acquired 3D skills to some purpose, after a disappointment with an experiment I had conducted, employing a comic book medium
to frame in metaphor a discussion on branding.

This time I proposed to explore short narrative adventures, episodic, like the old radio Serials,

employing our mascot Q, (who has been a metaphorical manifestation of our creative endeavor since the inception of be-communication in 2005) as a character, and inserted into established IP in her own unique adventures, as a strategy, that I had hoped would convert familiarity into viewership.

Having recently attended a speaker session with a Netflix content acquisition exec. who recommended first time producers begin with an existing IP (intellectual property),

I was Hesitant, as I had taken this advice before, in the 90’s I  learned ; while it had led to a literary agent for a novel and then a script for Star Trek : Voyager. An IP, that once rejected, left my story a lost effort. Thus this experiment would see our IP (Q) placed in the environment of an Established IP. while licensing would make my vignettes non-viable economically, My hope was to make the narratives promotionally valuable..

By December I had completed a 3 minute vignette that saw Q cast as a rebel spy, undercover on an Imperial controlled world, the vignette was met with mostly confusion, Q not a recognizable mascot went unrealized, and uncontextualized. 

I decided instead to advance the second Narrative Adventure that I had been developing in my head for a few years. Inspired by the CBC series X-Company, I had been contemplating around developing a World War II story.  My research led to an episode of Ancient Aliens, where I learned of the Nazi’s experiments with Wonder Weapons and In particular Die Glocke. A Nazi Time Machine? Science fiction set in World War II, Now that’s a story. Since my first Novel in college, (when I should have been, in class) I have been exploring  time travel as a Theme, Even that rejected Star Trek novel was a Time loop story. 

Thus Theme in hand I needed a Heroine who’s boots Q could fill, looking back at the old radio serials for potentially unused or underutilized IP I found only a few Women Characters and mostly damsels in distress, what I did find that immediately struck a chord was The Rocket Man, the original Buck Rogers, The Rocket man has been re-imagined several times since the 1930’s most recently in Disney’s The Rocketeer (1991). A personal favorite of mine, looking past it’s cumbersome plot, it’s high concept, and a perfect character for  Q  to embody. 

So, I began writing and producing a 3D vignette series, If you’ve followed this blog you already know, it has been dedicated in part to exploring that story’s evolution, a story that quickly evolved, growing beyond the medium it was originally designed for, from Vignette to Feature to Series, the Characters, World building and Story also quickly grew beyond the confines of the established IP. It became clear to me that this Character Just might not be a female version of the Rocketeer at all, she was deeper and darker, her journey was a painful one, her wings (or Rocket in this case) were forged in hard experience.

So, when Disney recently Announced a reboot Rocketeer Movie I wasn’t devastated, That’s not who this character is, perhaps she’s more like her grandfather the King of the Rocket Men..

But Queen of the Rocket Women is not a cool name, so drawing from elements of this story, and this world I’m Pleased to Present.